Motoilet - First Health Tracking AI Smart Bidet Toilet Seat

First Health Tracking Toilet Seat / Eco-friendly / Generate Health Report & Recommend Diet / Premium Butt Show Experience / Easy To Install / Universal Compatibility

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Health Tracking

Motoilet Is the 1st health tracking AI bidet toilet seat, inspired by Bristol Chart. It is not only powerful in cleaning, saving the plant by saving a lot of toilet papers, but it can also help with your health condition.

Bristol Stool Chart

By analyzing the type of stool you are passing, Motoilet helps track your health situation. Know your body and change your diet accordingly to fit yourself for a healthier lifestyle!

Generate Health Report

It knows you better! By generating the health report, you know how your body is doing instantly, and by changing your diet, you know that you are well on your way to a better lifestyle!

Premium Butt Shower Experience

The unique bubble-style water spraying offers you the premium butt shower experience.

Saves The Planet

Water is a better solution compared to papers, you saves more than 100 rolls of toilet papers every year!

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